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Airfryer Plantain

Today we are going to be making the most healthy Air Fryer plantains
Prep Time3 minutes
Active Time20 minutes
Total Time23 minutes
Course: Breakfast, Side Dish
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Yield: 2
Cost: .50


  • 1 Medium Plantain
  • 1 Pinch Salt Optional
  • 1 spray spray oil Optional


  • For this recipe we would be using 1 medium sized ripe plantain.
  • Ensure the air fryer is clean and ready to use. Add oil if required
  • For this meal prep there is no need to preheat the air fryer as plantains cook so fast
  • Rinse the plantain peels to get rid of any dirt that could transfer onto the plantain.
    After rinsing,take off the peels and slice your plantain into your desired shape (I love mine long and slant ,how do you love yours? )
  • Now you can place the plantain slices in the air fryer basket.
    You can sprinkle on a pinch of salt ,however this step is optional ( I know I don’t like salting my plantains ,if you’re like me you can skip doing that).
  • Close the air fryer door and set the temperature to 180 degree Celsius (356 degree in Fahrenheit) for 20minutes.Check the plantains after 10 minutes and flip them over so they heat up evenly.
  • If you like yours browner ,add another five minutes of cook time
    Remove plantains to a plate and serve piping hot


1 Slice the plantains in similar sizes and thickness ,this allows them cook evenly.
2 Spread out your plantains while cooking,its okay if they overlap a little.
3 Air fried plantains are perfect as sides.
4 They are great accompaniments for noodles,rice,beans,salads and the list goes on.
5 Air fryer temperatures might be varied.Check on your food after a few minutes.
6 Cook time will vary with the size of the plantains.
7 You could spice with whatever you like to your taste.
8 You could spray on some oil if you want, but I am all for healthy for this recipe so I did not do that.
Plantains are rich in Vitamin A ,Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C as well .They contain fiber and act as antioxidants to boost the immune system.
They contain minerals as well ,of which includes magnesium and potassium.
The fat content in a medium sized plantain is 0.22 grams
Carbohydrate              58 grams
Protein                    2 grams
Fiber                      3 grams
Potassium                 663 milligrams
Magnesium                57 milligrams
Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid)    23 milligrams
Vitamin B6 ( Pyridoxine)     0.29 milligram
Vitamin A (Retinol)          63 micrograms